Letting go of control

Hi lovely peeps how are you all doing? It's interesting that right now we are in the middle of a New Moon in Virgo (who likes things nice and orderly), and Spring/Fall Equinox (all about balance), but in actual fact life for A LOT of people at the moment, well all year to be honest, it's felt totally the opposite! I was doing my She Fire Facebook Live Today (I know I haven't done one on my regular page in a few weeks, and I will get to one again soon, just having to catch up with myself in this very busy period!) and the connection kept dropping out. Hilariously I was talking about how we can't control anything these days: electronics, energy, events, emotions, SO MUCH is happening to so man

Solar Flare Week!

Source The Sun is flaring like crazy this week! Mon - 7 M Class flares Tues - 5 M Class flares Wed - 3 M Class + 2 X Class flares Thurs - 4 M Class + 1 X Class flare Fri - 4 M Class so far What does this mean? M Class flares are very strong and don't come along very often. During a Solar Minimum period like we're in now, we can go months without one. X Class are Super strong and come along even less frequently. In fact, we haven't had a single X flare in 2 and a half years! So as you can see, this week is pretty extraordinary! Strong flares have an effect on our electro-magnetic fields which for people means anything from feeling heightened emotions to adrenalin pumping, feeling super ene

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