A Return to She

I enrolled in the Women, Spirituality & Social Justice Master's degree because I wanted to immerse myself in as much evidence and knowledge as possible to back up what every cell in my body tells me: that we used to know She, a Mother Creator, a Mother Goddess, a Supreme Feminine Being Source of All. And that eventually, evidence of Her existence was destroyed and distorted, diminished and devalued. And that this has directly resulted- directly- in the overall devaluing and repression of Women and the Feminine in our world, including within Men. I needed and wanted a circle of ancient and contemporary support to verify that yes, we once lived in peace for thousands of years under this Matern

Marriage equal rights

Australian politicians, please pass the same-sex marriage bill already!🌈 The argument that "the traditional definition of marriage needs to be protected" is ignoring that the "traditional definition" has constantly changed. 🌈 Traditionally, marriage was about political and family alliances. It involved business and financial exchanges and transactions. It was about economic security and even legal ownership of the woman. It was only in the 1970's that rape in marriage became a criminal offence. ✨ Should we have stayed with those "traditional definitions"? 🌈 Today, getting married on a reality show is celebrated with lucrative ads and hefty executive pay cheques and is appare

Eclipses, Emotions & Expansion

How's your week going so far? If you feel like you were walking along with a pile of papers only to have them all blown in the air by an unexpected gush of wind, if you've felt like crawling into foetal position and having a cry, if ALL the things are happening ALL at once (from fabulous to what the), if you're looking around thinking the world has lost its sh*t, then you're not alone! The Lunar Eclipse of next week (Tuesday pre-dawn in Australia, Monday elsewhere) has made her effects known early. She's sure rushed in like a bullet train this week. On top of that Uranus planet of 'well that came out of the blue!' turned retrograde today. And in general, the energy of Mama Earth is waking up

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