Identity Breakdowns + Breakthroughs (my own and yours)

Are you feeling a massive shift within where you aren't really sure who you are anymore or where you're going? I've been going through that for a few years which I've mentioned now and again but it's been hard to put into words while I've been in the middle of it because there have been no words a lot of the time. It's just been something I've had to feel my way through. I'm going to do a Facebook Live about it Thurs night US time/Fri lunchtime Aust time (see below) to talk about not only my own changes which are still in process but also about the changes we are all going through these days. I've been tweaking my site slowly slowly to more match the me that's been emerging. This is by no

The Great Mother. She. Female Creator.

Ancient stories, artefacts and traditions included a Female Creator. The Great Mother. She. Somewhere along the line this Feminine Force was diluted and almost deleted from our modern history. The dominant focus has been on the Masculine Force as the primary or only Creator, with a suppression of the Feminine. This has affected all of us spiritually, socially, personally and globally. It has affected us emotionally. It has affected us politically. It has resulted in the repression of women, and the repression of the Feminine in both women and men. It has made us perceive so many of our strengths – intuition, feelings, nurturing, compassion – as weaknesses. It has interfered with the natural

Cap Full Moon intensity

There's a Full Moon in Cap (17 deg) this Sunday 9 July, and you're likely already feeling it. Jax was born on a Full Moon. For his first couple of years we'd always know a Full Moon was coming because 2 days before like clockwork he'd have a very definite emotional shift. He'd either not want to sleep, or sleep more than usual, or cry more or be irritable or be like an energizer bunny hypo version of himself. Most of the time I completely forgot it was Full Moon related until I either looked at the sky or my calendar or one of my sisters said something and I thought aha! That's why it's so helpful to know about astro events. They're influencing us whether we realise it or not, believe in ast

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