Cancer New Moon

This weekend we're in the nurturing darkness of Cancer's New Moon. The energy it brings is very timely seeing as we're also still in the post-Solstice influence of going within, and expanding out. This New Moon asks us to feel into where we need to take rest, retreat, and go within for some emotional stillness and nourishment. It also asks us to feel into where we might be hiding in a protective shell. Has that shell become a comfort zone? What fears come up at the thought of venturing out, putting yourself out there or moving into your next level of being? Life has to be like breathing, inhaling and exhaling, alternating between rest and movement, retreat and action. Too much of either can

Summer Solstice Abundance Appreciation

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere 🌞 Today's a great day to reflect on all you've done this year and celebrate the blessings in your life, big and small. We spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about everything we still have to do, from paying the next bill to achieving something we dream of, and in the meantime we can forget to appreciate all we have and all we've done. 💚 Appreciation acts like an abundance seed, telling the Divine, "Thank you. I like this and I'm grateful for that." This opens you up to more easeful flow, which means things you need come to you in an easier way. 💗 Today's an excellent day to look at where you habitually hold struggle

Winter Solstice Spiral Walk

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere. 🌎 This week Jax's Kindergarten class are doing a Spiral Walk to honour the change of season not only for the Earth but for our inner rhythm too. One by one they'll walk the spiral that's been made from flowers and ivy. They carry a cored apple with an unlit candle, walking to a centre candle from which they'll light their own. 💖 Here's a beautiful excerpt from our school newsletter: "Mid winter is one of the most important festivals of the year. The spiral walk for Kindergarten and Classes 1 - 4 is so simple yet can be a profound experience. For children, sitting calmly and patiently, absorbing the quiet stillness of the ro

Intense events and emotions

I'd like to dedicate today's post to the many people right now who are dealing with multiple tragic events one after the other, and ways we can be of support. Some of these events are very public, some private. Some might be affecting you or your family personally, while others are affecting your community, city or country in what seems like, and is, a relentless wave of intense happenings. Trauma, shock, sadness, anger and grief are heavy emotions for any one person. When tens of thousands of people are directly affected by numerous events, and all those people are feeling intense emotions, the ripple effect is felt by millions of people. When those ripples touch us, that is our opportunity

She Fire and Men

Here's a question that's been sitting with me ever since I started writing my She Fire course. I haven't come to an answer, I'm not sure there is one as everyone's different but - men and women - I'd really like your thoughts. Whenever we come across circles or workshops related to Divine Feminine they are always geared toward women. Yet men have the Divine Feminine in them too, and also need support with her qualities. With regards to She, the Feminine force of creation, men are often excluded from that conversation, or aren't really interested, yet it's been "normal" in our society for women to follow/worship a masculine God or a masculine aspect of the Divine. Church for example isn't c

Jupiter direct: a little breathing space

Jupiter goes direct today after 4 months retro, in a way completing what has been a really hectic period of several planets going back and forth all at the same time for most of the year. We do still have Saturn and Pluto retro, but now that Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are back on the green light highway we can expect a little breathing space from the retrograding traffic craziness we've been experiencing since Feb. We're living in times where we feel energetic waves and influences so much more, as does everyone around us, and that's why this year has felt like we are, as Trinity Jewels by Christian said the other day "in a car with no brakes." Our personal and social/global potential is bein

Under the influence: mind-control

One question that people have regarding false flag operations is, at the end of the day, isn't the person driving the car or van/holding the weapon/pressing the button responsible for his own actions? We have to consider the possibility that specifically targeted individuals (who already have anger brewing, have mental health issues, a traumatic childhood etc), are used, and are under the influence of sophisticated mind control which is used for certain covert operations. If this is new info to you keep reading before you dismiss this as crazy talk. In these cases, a separate compartment is created in the brain, without the subject's conscious awareness, usually after trauma and torture. Thi

False Flag frenzy

The recent attacks in Manchester and London, (and New York, and Melbourne, and, and, and, and) all have the markings of being highly-orchestrated false flag operations. My heart goes out to everyone affected, as innocent people get caught up in the despicable plans of those who are doing everything possible to create chaos, to incite fear and division, and keep humanity from being fully free. When people hear the words false flag they think it refers to a conspiracy theory, when a false flag is in fact a term used for covert operations conducted by 'special forces' usually to swing public opinion, political actions and laws a certain way. There's also an assumption by some people that no-one

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