Gayatri Mantra: a prayer to SHE

I heard Deva Premal's version of the Gayatri Mantra recently after not hearing it in ages, and strongly felt to have it on while working on SHE FIRE. So I looked up the meaning (added below). So apt! Even if you don't understand the words, you can feel in your Soul that they are deeply honouring, expressing deep love...for that which is inside us, for that which created us, and life all around us. Source of all of the below info "Gayatri is the Mother of all scriptures (Vedas). She is present, wherever Her name is chanted. She is very powerful. The One who nourishes the individual being is Gayatri. She bestows pure thoughts on anyone who worships Her. She is the embodiment of all Goddesses.

Women, Gender, Spirituality & Social Justice

I LOVE learning! For the last 10 years I've really felt to do a Master's Degree and researched every one I could find related to the integration of Consciousness and Social Change. The US is really great when it comes to leading edge degrees, but the ones I found either didn't feel quite right or they didn't offer any online classes which I needed as I'm here in Australia. About a year ago or so, I saw this: MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality & Social Justice. Every cell in my body said YES!!! This is the one! I've had quite the personal shift over the last 3-5 years with my connection to SHE, the Divine Feminine Force, my Feminine Fire and Feminine Soul, and with the women's business that is

She Fire and the 'de' feelings

Sometimes we all feel like this balloon. A bit depleted, kinda deflated or maybe even defeated. Actually, cancel that last word. The Feminine Soul is never defeated! Our "de" feelings are invitations. They're our initiation doorways. As we sit there in our slump that's usually the time we hear Her, our Feminine Soul, our Feminine Fire, our She Fire. She whispers or nudges or shouts: "What do you need?" She can be gentle: "Love yourself. Go to bed. Get a massage." She can be fierce: "Enough's enough! Walk away! Say no! Let go! You are worth more than this!" She doesn't live life in a straight line. Life isn't like that. She lives in waves and spirals. Up and down and up again. Over 13 weeks,

Venus busts out of shadow

Venus finally leaves her Shadow period today, which means that if you have had a major situation playing out since March 5 (with a lead up throughout February), likely around the subject of love relationships, money, your self-value/self-worth, or major 'luxury' purchase that has been put on hold (home, car, furnishings, new wardrobe etc), then you will hopefully be feeling you are emerging from that chapter right about now. Venus retrogrades, like any retrograde, don't delay things or send things pear-shaped just to make life harder for a while. They have the big picture in mind. They are all about course corrections, reviewing things, upgrading outdated beliefs and habits. Prior to a retro

War on Waste

(pic from link supplied) Wow! Just read this on @newscomauhq: "In his new documentary series War On Waste, Craig Reucassel reveals that up to 40 per cent of bananas are thrown away by farmers because they don’t fit standards set by supermarkets. Basically they are too bent, too straight, too long, too short, too fat or too thin." Craig has started the #sizedoesntmatter campaign, asking you to tell your local supermarket that you don't care what shape your bananas are! Pass it on. (c) Dana Mrkich #EcoLivingandEarthCare #Sustainability #Foodproduction

The Schumann spike

This image is creating a lot of hubub with people saying the Schumann Resonance has hit 120hz (it's usually 7.8hz, had some spikes in 2014 to 16hz, went to 39hz in Feb this year and was allegedly 90hz on Easter Sunday). While I knew my solar flares inside out and back to front, I am not as familiar with the SR graphs and their various measurements. The Feb spike was verified by someone I spoke to with a background in physics as 'unusual' but I haven't been able to get contact again with that person to verify the spikes since. Energetically, my feeling is that there is man-made interference here with either the SR or with the interpretation of the graphs/spreading of misinformation. Yes Mothe

2017: A revolving door of WTF?!

Who else feels that 2017 so far has been a revolving door of WTF!? What's up is down, left is right, with life having more twists and turns than a midnight soap opera. And that's just describing an hour yesterday. And that kind of hour is happening on a recurring basis for so many people over the past few months. Big life stuff happens, sure. But it's unusual for multiple big things to be happening all at once to everyone you know. Massive relationship changes. Huge house moves. Health crises. Family turbulence. Family healing. Personal makeovers. It's like watching a movie on fast forward, only you're in the movie, and trying to keep up with the changing scenes. There's a lot of 'opposite'

Letting go: surrender vs giving up

Happy May Day! It feels like a good month to turn a corner if your year, like mine, has been relentless with constant change and life happenings! I sat down with the lovely Peggy Lee Colonques, a fellow Aussie, for her free online event Happiness Now Project. The theme of the event is "How to bounce back from disappointment and discover your life's purpose." When Peggy asked me had I ever experienced disappointment I thought where do I start! I think anyone with any sort of dreams, goals or expectations, big or small, experiences disappointment. The thing I most loved about this chat was that it wasn't about portraying a shiny image of a perfect life because that doesn't exist for anyone. It

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