The shadow side of awakening

There are so many different aspects to awakening. There's awakening to your soul, to other dimensions, to a more conscious way of looking at your self and life. Then there's awakening to what's going on in the world, uncovering the world as run by the global elite, a world where they use the many for the benefit of a few. And a lot of people know this generally, but maybe aren't so aware of the specifics, like say the global, elite-level, trafficking and abuse of children, the degree to which mind control and blackmail is used to control public figures, the degree to which the media is suppressed and scripted, the false flag events and manufactured wars created for specific purposes. I used

Global elite whistleblower

This Dutch whistleblower got to one of the highest levels of the global financial system and saw how the world really works, and how humanity are controlled and manipulated. As so many before him have also told us, he says that the global game we see, the wars and political "sides", are manufactured for the many benefits they provide the elite top of the pyramid: money, power and a way to keep us all divided and arguing. He says our power lies in unity, and in our light. The first 20 min covers how he got to that level. He goes into certain specifics about the financial game which can be a dry topic for some, but persevere because this intro to his background gives so much insight into how t

Venus Direct: time to receive

After 6 weeks of Retro motion, Venus the planet of love, relationships, beauty, harmony, the Feminine, Women, self-worth, self-love and self-value goes Direct. She is officially out of her Shadow period on 18 May, so if you've been experiencing some major shifts or situations related to these areas, circle that date as it and the days surrounding it may be very significant for you. Every day from now leading up to that official close of this Venus journey we'll feel a lot lighter, and experience more energy and movement with that which makes us feel good. The Retro phase may have stirred up old beliefs and issues that were ready to go, creating more Space for all we truly deserve. How


The shape of this bomb says it all really. An outdated, dysfunctional masculine energy trying to compensate for an inner feeling of powerlessness and lack of control with a violent show of dominance. To call it the Mother of all bombs is an insult to mothers everywhere. Mothers will fiercely protect their children, but we don't manufacture fights to justify attacks that have ulterior motives. The powers that have been running this world do do that, and they've been getting away with it for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In the meantime, innocent people and well-meaning military with noble intentions get hurt and killed. Mother Earth and life on her lands and in her waters get harmed

Retrogrades: renewals and reviews

With Saturn having gone Retrograde a few days ago and Mercury starting his Retro journey tomorrow, these two planets join Venus and Jupiter in the reversing lane. Retro periods have a bad rep where we can feel like aspects of our life have suddenly ground to a halt or aren't going quite the way we wanted them to. However, they are actually pretty busy times because while certain plans are delayed, other issues are intensified. Our attention to these issues usually means that we clear up or clean up something that has needed reviewing or resolving for a long time. A Retrograde period is life's way of saying "Look, I know you want to move forward but first you really need to address this, heal

Solar flare booster shot

I have to say I love a good solar flare. We had our first M class flare in nearly 5 months a few hours ago, although a lot of you may have felt the energy completely shift even 24 hours before that leading up to April 1. A big flare like this releases a lot of energy, and we feel it here on Earth. We feel it in our bodies, in our minds and through our feelings. Everyone is going to experience the flare energy differently - sometimes you get a boost of adrenalin, while other times you'll feel super tired. Sometimes you'll feel major clarity and lightness of being, while other times you might feel frazzled. Neither response is right or wrong. The strong solar flares tend to bring up whatever t

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