Breathing Space

We've been in the eclipse window over the last couple of weeks from Feb 11's Lunar Eclipse to Feb 27's Solar Eclipse. A lot can happen during these windows; life-changing, perspective-shifting, end of a chapter/era type stuff, creating space for the new. It can be a time when unexpected crises flare up, or life events that ask for all of your attention and energy. Know that eclipse times are powerful portals ushering you into the next level of your life and self. If it gets intense, make sure to give yourself a little breathing space, even a few minutes of literal deep breathing out in nature. Soothe your soul, before anything else to make everything else flow all the smoother. (c) Dana Mrki

Leo Lunar Eclipse

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (22 degrees) tonight/tomorrow morning. The effects can start building from a week or more beforehand, with the energy lingering for a few days after. If it impacts a major point in your natal chart an Eclipse can change the course of your life. Lunar Eclipses tend to trigger any emotions you need to feel, bringing up unexpected tears, outbursts or old wounds. They bring things to a head where an issue has been going round in circles for way too long. They provide closure and full circle moments. They help you to release and let go of anything that no longer serves you be that outdated beliefs, fears, patterns, jobs or relationships. They can be cathar

Trafficking truth: keep the ball rolling

This topic is not an easy one to read or write about, but reading or writing about it is nothing compared to what millions of trafficked children are subjected to every day, all around the world. This is not happening 'over there' in some far-flung country. It is happening in your country, and very likely in your city. Some children have lost their families and become vulnerable that way, others are brought into rings by those they should be able to trust the most. This is beyond random individuals, these are organised rings that operate with the knowledge (and even involvement) of some of the most highest-ranking members of our society. (I went into this a lot in my 2017 Energy report for t

Schumann Resonance Spike Self-Care

All year so far I've been needing to spend a lot more time near the ocean and in it. So it's been interesting finding out that the Schumann Resonance has been (literally) off the charts, because there is a direct connection between the SR's effect on us and our innate need to keep ourselves in harmony with it (which sea air, salt water and nature time helps do). We feel best when our frequency is in harmony with the frequency of the SR. Environmental pollutants (anything from dust and mould, to wifi and cell phones) have a jarring effect on our natural frequency, influencing our health and moods. The gap between our 'altered unnatural frequency' and our 'natural in harmony with the Earth and

The current Schumann Resonance spike and what it means for us

This is huge news! For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance has on average been pulsing at 7.83 Hz, but since 2014 there have been occasions where it has spiked upward, sometimes going as high as 16.5 Hz. Well - as of 31 January, it is spiking as high as 36+ !!! I just visited the Russian Space Observing System website to verify the info and sure enough there it is, higher today than yesterday or the day before. I haven't been able to find these graphs in many places, HeartMath Institute is good, but lots of websites that used to show the daily resonance graph are 'no longer found' (this has been the case for a while, not a result of recent US administration changes). If anyone has any

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