Headline hooks

I'm noticing a lot more headlines right now that are proving to be misleading once you click through to read the whole article. There is enough going on right now without adding fuel to the fire. People's nervous systems are having a hard enough time processing the rapid changes going on without needing to be further triggered by inflammatory headings that bend or distort the truth/facts. When you read a headline, if it triggers you take the time to read the article it links to. Even better, find original sources be it press conferences or documents. Yes that is supposed to be the media's job to find those sources and report them accurately, but we can't count on that process happening for m

Finding calm amid the storm

A lot of dust has been swirled up this week. It is pushing buttons and triggering people left and right. On the positive side, we are becoming more aware of what's important to us and are feeling more compelled to actively do something to contribute to the kind of world we want to live in. On the flip side, we could easily spend all day being outraged about the stories, posts and comments we see flooding our feed. Regardless of where you stand on an issue the chances of being triggered are high right now because everyone's opinions are very much intensified. So if you agree with a post or article, the comments that don't agree might upset you and vice versa. While there's the initial rush of

2017 Energy Report: Truth = Power = Freedom

Happy New Year everyone! The 2017 Energy Report is out now offering a guide to the year ahead, as we take a look at how the current energies are playing out personally and collectively. At a mammoth 39 pages, including Soul prompts and exercises throughout, the report is available for only $1.99. Here's a sneak peek at the sections covered, with short excerpts: The rapidly changing energy ...Some of the information we come across will be confronting, in conflict with previously held-beliefs or feel confusing. Eye-opening information will increase this year as more truths are revealed, resulting in more ‘push-back’ denials. The old world will continue to look like a warped reality show as the

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