Uranus Direct

This week Uranus, planet of the unexpected, has been what's called 'stationary direct'. This is the time at the end of a retrograde period where a planet prepares for forward motion again. A planet often has the biggest impact during these so called stationary periods. The planets aren't ever stationary at all, they are always moving, and technically are always moving forward. It just seems that they go backwards or stand still from our planet's perspective. It's like if you are driving by a car. You can drive right alongside it but if you drive faster than it then that car can look like it is going backwards. So in that moment where you are alongside each other, (even if the other object is

Heart Cleansing

Beautiful scenes this week of waterfalls running down Uluru after record-breaking rainfall and flooding. This feels like a sign of cleansing and there is certainly plenty of that going on - with more due to come. Everywhere we look right now, we are being reminded: we have to get into our hearts, we have to be led by our hearts, we have to live in alignment with our hearts. "According to one Aboriginal myth, two tribes of ancestral spirits were invited to a feast in the area, but became distracted by beautiful Sleepy Lizard Women and dallied at a waterhole. Angry at being stood up, the waiting hosts sang evil into a mud sculpture that came to life as the dingo....There was a terrible slaught

Peace Meditation: A gift for you

The energy affecting us right now is massive, on every level. We have the usual end of year busyness, compounded by the end of a 9 year cycle urging us to complete certain soul business in preparation for a very new energy coming up next year. We have major shifting and freaking out going on within the highest echelons of power, and people are feeling a bunch of very intense emotions as a result. We have measurable energy waves all over the planet that have no known explanation....seismographs last week were acting like everywhere was having major earthquakes, which we weren't, yet some of us did feel that feeling of a tilt, that swaying you get when there is an earthquake. Today Dutchsinse

Pluto & Mercury: you can't stop transformation that is due

Astrology never fails to amaze me. Today Mercury goes retrograde almost on Pluto, the day the US Electoral College cast their vote. I just found out that Congress formally count those votes on Jan 6, right as Mercury is preparing to go direct again. What does this mean? During Mercury Retrogrades, you often can't move forward with something no matter how much you want to particularly when it comes to signing contracts, agreements or anything involving important communications. You might be waiting on a decision, but people won't give you a clear yes or no. So it can feel like a limbo land kind of time. In truth, it's anything but limbo land because retrogrades are busy in their own unique wa

Earth tilt

Hi peeps, how are you all feeling? Last night Sydney had a massive lightning storm that felt like we were literally inside the thunder and surrounded by lightning. There was a moment when I felt the Earth tilt a little. It's hard to describe, kind of like oh God is the Earth about to topple over a bit?!! It was subtle, yet enough for me to feel pretty scared for a minute. Now I've heard from family/friends that they felt this too, be it the strange physical sensation or the unusual emotional unsettledness. Did anyone else feel the sway? Whether in Sydney or elsewhere? This morning the Solomon Islands had a 7.8 earthquake with a 6.5 off the coast of California, and while it is normal for Eart

Pizzagate: A citizen's investigation

The mainstream media in the US, UK and Australia are intent on convincing everyone that #pizzagate is fake news but the more you look into it the more all the pieces of so many puzzles fall into place. The global truth related to this topic has the potential to rock the foundations of everything we thought we knew, and collapse those institutions we have been programmed to trust. Big light reveals big truths, and where those truths are dark they need light shone on them even more in order to be exposed. If you choose to look into it, know that you will come across very confronting and disturbing content that needs explanation at the least and ideally a thorough investigation. Yet bizarrely,

Protecting children from the global ring

This is a post covering a sensitive topic that can be a trigger for those with sexual abuse in their past. As someone who has been writing for almost two decades about where we are at in our collective evolution as we strive for full awakening, truth and freedom on this planet, the below topic is important to speak out about with its global implications for mass awakening and societal transformation. With awareness growing by the day, the truth around this has the potential to collapse everything that we think we know about the world we live in. When a world is built on a false, corrupt foundation, collapse is a good thing. From there there is only one way to go, and that is up, creating a n

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