Self care: the power of saying No

Self-care is a strong theme for a lot of us right now. Learning to say no to people is one way that you can start saying yes to yourself more often. It can be hard to say no in any situation for a bunch of reasons. A friend may ask a favour, family need you, you get invited somewhere, your work wants you to do overtime for no extra pay or perhaps paid very well. But something inside you is saying: "I can't do this." You then look for an excuse to justify your no. You scroll through your diary and hope there's a good reason you can give for saying no. Your inner "I just can't" IS your good reason. Sometimes we can't logically work out our inner no, we just need to trust our body. Maybe we're

Social media/news-aholic? Connect with your inner self and source FIRST!

A really important post on the importance of self-care right now: Firstly, there is a LOT of intense energy emanating from the US at the moment. We all take turns holding the baton for the shifting and transformation of this world. We all have our issues that need to be cleared and released. We do this personally, we do this as family groups, as local communities, we do this as individual nations, and we do this as a humanity on one Earth. That clearing has a ripple affect on everyone around us. At first it can feel chaotic, but the churning of the waters precedes the long-term, bigger picture, of a new, clean space. A lot of us these days are in the habit of reaching for our phones as soon

When enough is enough: Humanity rising

With all the madness happening around us it's easy to feel like the world has lost the plot. But it is being turned upright again after a long time of things being upside down. Just like a snow dome being flipped, there's a period that feels like mayhem but all renovations and transformations go through this, be they personal, social or global. A lot is being revealed that has been hidden or simmering just beneath the surface for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. People are drawing lines in the sand where they feel enough is enough. One example is Standing Rock which I've been posting a lot about today on Facebook. The live feeds are being shared to get truth out there, and to a

Standing Rock

It is 25 degrees Farenheit in North Dakota, that's -4 Celsius and police are using water cannons on the peaceful water protectors! As well as tear gas, stinger concussion grenades and rubber bullets. The 'rubber' bit makes it sound like the bullets are like a non-harmful kids toy but it hurts like hell with major immediate and long-term medical side-effects. The US mainstream news media are reporting that the water cannons are being used to put out fires. This is not true. The freezing cold water is being used directly on the people. The smoke is coming from the concussion grenades. This makes me fricken furious!! Governments are so hypocritical and it makes me sick. They focus on 'the war o

The Shadow Lands

How are you all feeling? The US election result has released a tsunami of emotions within millions of people: shock, sadness, grief, joy, elation, relief, fear, anger, powerlessness, liberation. And because emotions are deeply personal, regardless of the external trigger, every emotion is connected to a personal memory or belief, and dredges up like memories and beliefs. So you think you're crying about this thing or angry about that thing but if the emotion is intense, then around 90% of it is related to pain, wounds or beliefs that have their roots in the past, which are seeking to be healed in the present. It has triggered the need to step up, speak out, and act with more focus, intention

Shock, Shake-Ups and Social Revolution

This US election was never about which leader would create the best policies, deliver on their promises or help the most people. This election, more than any other before it, was about people, regular people, stepping into their power and realising: “I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of the system, the lies, the corruption. We deserve better!” That’s why Bernie had such a huge following. That’s why Trump is President-Elect right now. Not because he’s going to miraculously change all of these things, but because the way he portrayed himself represented the rebel, the ‘I’m not going to play by your rules’, the ‘something different’ that people so desperately are yearning for, while Hillary repr

The United River of Souls

Tomorrow, or maybe today by the time you read this, the people of the United States of America go to vote, in an election that seems as far from united as one can get. But underneath all of the opposing beliefs, underneath all of the anger and emotion, underneath all of the terrible truths and outright lies, there is a strong river that is very united. That river is made up of everybody's energy, and everybody's energy right now is surging with a power that has been gradually coming to life in recent months, years and for some, decades. That energy is made up of all of our souls, all of our lifeforce combined. It knows what we don't know, it remembers what we have forgotten. But it wants us

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