Unplugging to recharge

For a lot of our trip we've had no phone coverage or Internet, and I've gotta say it's been great. Years ago I used to feel really disconnected if I was offline, but now I feel happier, calmer, quieter, more peaceful. Actually, I now feel disconnection to my self if I spend a lot of time online. I still love plugging in to check out this or that, and of course run my business online, but these offline times are really good for doing a bit of a technology habit re-boot. It can make you get clearer on: What sites feel good, and which don't? Which social media feeds 'feed' you and which are draining or deflating? And those sites and feeds constantly change as we change :) (c) Dana Mrkich 2016 W

New Moon Peace

Happy New Moon in Libra from Byron Bay ✨🌎 This is the most Eastern point of Australia 🌞 Libra is all about balance, harmony, peace, peaceful solutions and relationships. This is a much needed calming energy influence after what was an action packed September. Today is a good day to light a candle or sit in the sun or in a quiet spot and set your intentions for the month ahead. If you have needed something to resolve, give thanks that things unfold and work out in the best way possible, for the highest good. The Libran energies will be very helpful as they like diplomacy and for everyone to see things from the other person's perspective. It's a great day to feel into the peace and love that

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