Love is the answer

A reader from the US commented recently about the climate in the US right now, saying a lot of people fear what will happen regardless of who wins the election. Cynthia beautifully wrote: "Fear and hate create nothing but rupture. Love lays the physiological foundation for real revolutionary or evolutionary change towards health, balance, and equity." A lot of the world is looking and wondering what will happen in the US. Even aside from the elections, there is a lot going on, as if all tensions from decades and centuries ago are coming to a head. A lot of it has been festering under the carpet for a long time, and as difficult as it is to witness, and for some experience, the 'release' of t

Keep the faith

A lot of people are seeing a world that is coming apart at the seams. Really what we are seeing are frayed edges that have always been there, only they have been covered up. The Wizard of Oz curtain is being pulled back, and a lot of what we are seeing isn't 'nice'. But seeing things as they are is a really important part of the bridge process as we go from what we'll all one day call the old world, to the new. For some people it is shocking to see things falling apart so dramatically, or to have so much chaos playing out in every arena of society. For others there is a sense of 'finally, everything is being revealed.' More mainstream than ever are looking at things like the US political ele

Unexpected events and dramatic transformations

September, seriously, are you still here? This has been one of the most intense months I can remember, ever. Almost every day I have heard about something huge happening to someone we know, and same goes for a lot of family and friends who are either going through massive changes or having it happen in their circles this month. And it covers all bases: celebratory, challenging, emotional, traumatic. Unexpected deaths, marriages, pregnancies, illnesses, operations, break-ups, quick, short overseas trips, huge family reunions, plans changing ten times, being invited to three things on the same day over again, monumental moments in people's businesses and home lives. It is like a running news f

Wild September down the Freedom Freeway

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces tonight! This is excellent energy for letting go of anything you need to let go of, or releasing emotions in a healthy way. It's also a time when you can get news, insights, or realisations that really change how you have been seeing something, someone or even your own self. The time around a lunar eclipse can be profoundly healing, and emotional. It's a good night for a bubble bath or anything that is gentle and nurturing particularly if you have found this month so far to be pretty intense. We are only halfway in, but September has been one of the wildest energetic months we have had in a long time. It's like Pluto has been having crazy nights out on the t

September: "I came in like a...rainbow?!"

You know how in Miley Cyrus's song she sings "I came in like a wrecking ball"? Well for the longest time my sister Jelena Mrkich thought Miley was singing "I came in like a rainbow"! 😂🌈 For anyone that knows Jel, this is no surprise. It also perfectly sums up the September energies. Waves of change are picking us up and taking us where our Soul needs us to go. You might feel like a wrecking ball is crashing into your life, or maybe you're more feeling like you're being carried by a rainbow. You can even feel both these things at the same time, recognising that even in times of demolition there is always a gift, a seed from which the new will grow. Grace and love can still be present amid p

In the Eclipse tunnel: Up is down, left is right

If you feel like a whirlwind has picked you up and is yet to set you down, it is partly because we are in the middle of two eclipses (Solar on 1 Sep and Lunar on 17 Sep). An eclipse window is like a fast-moving tunnel that feels like a scene out of the Willy Wonka movie. Up is down and left is right. Unexpected events can hit you out of the blue. Flashes of insight and aha moments can give you crystal clear clarity about issues that have been hazy for years. It is a really good time to journal, meditate or draw it out if you have questions to ask your inner self and shadow aspects. It can be a time of healing and resolution, crisis or great change. A doorway is opened at the beginning of an

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