Solar Eclipse: Moving on from 'not enough' land

We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo today on the first day of Spring (Southern Hemisphere)/Autumn (Northern Hemisphere). It’s a perfect day to shift gears and get yourself moving onto a new train track where needed. With this Solar Eclipse opposite Neptune, we might be confronted by something to do with the visions and dreams we have for our life. Some of our visions and dreams we intentionally ‘put out there’ or hope for, while others have always been inside us or come to us intuitively, showing us something that feels ‘meant’ for our future. We always hear about the positive side of visions and dreams, how they inspire us and move us forward toward a desired goal. Millions of peopl

Mercury retro: distractions and details

Mercury retrograde starts today on 29 Virgo. I just got a call from a client I haven't seen in 5 years who called my number by accident - this is typical Mercury retro, hearing from people you haven't in ages, calling the wrong number, having something go to the wrong address etc. Phones, electronics and computers especially love to go haywire around this time. Today has a kind of a distracting, stop start feel to it. On the one hand we are in the day before the New Moon Solar Eclipse (will write about that in another post), so the energy of that is preparing to open us up to whatever it wants to open us up to. On the other hand we have Mercury halted in his tracks, starting to go reverse.

Mars + Saturn conjunct

Mars and Saturn are together in the skies today. Mars is action-oriented while Saturn loves order and stability. Today you might be feeling a rush of energy to do things you have put off for a while, cleaning, clearing, organising, completing forms, making appointments. Saturn is also about taking responsibility and facing reality while Mars can trigger anger. So last night/today/tonight can bring on an emotional climactic 'rubber hitting the road' moment if you have been feeling restricted by 'reality' in some area. If you're feeling some aggro, have a good scream into a towel to let it out without yelling at innocent bystanders, take a deep breath in and exhale. If 'reality' has poked you,

Lunar Eclipse Aquarius: Expect the unexpected

Tomorrow night we have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on 25deg Aquarius, the first of three eclipses over the next month. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, planet of the unexpected, and to add to the electricity this eclipse is in sextile with Uranus. That sounds a bit naughty doesn't it! ;) Well Aquarians usually are. They like to do things their way, definitely don't like following rules, and are here to be groundbreakers, innovators and rebel-rousers. Lunar eclipses can bring closures and endings. They can trigger emotional releases, insights and new awareness of something you didn't see or realise before. They can call for a letting go, but always to let in something new and better, or to faci

Saturn Direct: Your helicopter moment

After 5 months retrograde Saturn has gone direct this weekend! Things always seem lighter, clearer and easier after a planet goes direct, but in the days leading up to it you might feel the exact opposite as if things are coming to a head in a certain area, or you feel a heaviness and with Saturn particularly feelings of depression and overwhelming "what's the point of it all?" oppression. It's that slow down you are feeling before the pause and then the restart. Some of you might have felt your energy shifting gears as early as a week ago, while others will feel it this weekend, otherwise you'll get a gradual sense of the fog lifting in the coming week or so. Saturn is the realist, the fath

Freedom, truth and power

It may seem like the world has lost its mind, it may look like the US election is a one way trip to crazy town, but from an energetic perspective everything is unfolding, or rather unravelling, exactly as it should be. This election is not about Hillary vs Trump, who ultimately have to answer to higher and hidden systems of power regardless of who becomes President. This election, and this time in our history in every arena, is about the masses - ordinary, everyday people - awakening to what we have a divine right to: freedom, truth and authentic power. The energy, passion and anger we are seeing in people on both sides comes from an innate need to claim those rights. There is a push to top

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