Turn down the fear

You know I love a good analogy. In this video commentary Waleed likens the fear twirling everyone around right now to a Gravitron pulling us all further and further apart. Time to stop before we are all thrown off. Great to see someone in the mainstream standing up to say that fear is one of the biggest issues here. The irony is that fear of 'the other' is driven by the mainstream media, and that's where language has to change. Why is violence perpetrated by Muslims always called "terrorism", while violence perpetrated by someone of another religion or by a white person generally called something else be it a hate crime or mental health snap etc? While violence perpetrated by governments is

Mainstream comments support Icke despite media's stance

This interview on what is a major morning show here in Australia is just so beyond rude, with the presenters displaying major ignorance, arrogance and disrespect to someone who was an invited guest, has done a mammoth amount of research, and has science and ancient records as well as eye-witness accounts backing up a lot of what he says. But oh no, let's not waste the three minutes we have on asking him anything that would actually help explain wtf is going on in the world. Let's ask him was the moon shipped in by trucks and whether Putin is an alien! I wonder if they would harass a priest like this, asking him to prove some of the outlandish things that Christian religion states as 'truth'

Add your Candle Light

Growing up in the Serbian Orthodox community, we learned to do certain rituals at certain times. One of those things is lighting a candle when someone passes, often keeping it lit for many days. We also light candles to remember those who have passed be it months, years or decades ago. With today's news coming out of ‪Nice‬ (as well as all the other tragedies daily unfolding around the world), it is natural to feel grief, anger, despair and a stream of other feelings. So I thought, what can I do right now, what can I say that can help throw a little light out there? I felt to light a candle for those who have passed. Seeing the candle flame, feeling the light of it going out to the light of

United we stand, divided we fall

Photo credit* The past week has felt so sad and heavy. The energy feels thick with grief and despair. People are angry. They are, quite rightly, angry that being black still means you get treated differently to the point that a casual day out could cost you your life. They are angry at those who follow up #blacklivesmatter with #alllivesmatter. I have to admit, at first I didn’t understand why a hashtag embracing everyone and encouraging unity was pressing so many emotional buttons. So I got my white self informed and then I got it. This may not be the best example, but it’s one that I hope helps any of you who likewise have wondered why #alllivesmatter has caused so much upset. Imagine a mo

Team Humanity

Usually I'd write a big energy report when something as huge as Brexit happens. Likewise with our Aussie election/non-election. I started to write something, but honestly the energy of their games is just sooo yuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkk Puppet-masters pulling the strings People being lied to by both sides of politics It's a distraction to be debating over which side or team is best for the majority because really, whether we are talking Australia, the UK, Europe or the US right now, neither side has regular people's best interests at heart. Some individuals within political parties do have good intentions, but that is quickly quashed by a greater agenda. So we either give up in defeat.....or we ta

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