Galactic Centre Full Moon

With Monday's Full Moon (20 June) on the degree of the Galactic Centre, this week is one of closure and new beginnings. Because it involves the Galactic Centre, we are talking about major karmic closure, soul contracts ending, huge chapters of our lives and soul evolutionary path transitioning into new cycles. This feels like a 'line in the sand' kind of week, where you are feeling compelled from within, or being triggered by the outer, to say enough is enough. Maybe you need to change your life somehow, or change something about how you live your life. Maybe this change has been a long time coming, but suddenly something that no longer works or fits feels like an itchy scratchy jumper that

Divine IVF

Once upon a time I thought I would never ever try IVF. I thought “If it doesn’t happen naturally then it’s not meant to be.” I had a big fear around ‘interfering’ with the process. What if it wasn’t meant to be, and I ‘made’ it be, and something terrible happened? I had huge issues with the idea of inhaling drugs every day to shut down my ovaries, then injecting myself with drugs each night to rev them up again. The idea of conceiving a baby with so much medical and scientific involvement was something my brain couldn’t register even though we knew beautiful families whose wonderful children were a result of this help. Nope, not for us thanks. We thought we would try everything natural possi

The Power of your Feminine Soul: Video of talk

Last Saturday I had a great time speaking at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne, Australia. The video of the talk is now up covering things like: * The resurgence of all that has been devalued and repressed around feminine energy * The great SHE as a Creator Energy in her own right * The awakening of Mother in all of us: nurturing and nourishing ourselves, our communities, our environment, our world * Releasing fears we have held associated with stepping into our feminine power (The video stopped recording at this point about a minute before I finished presenting - I ended by talking about the fears we have in our subconscious inherited from our personal as well as collective past,

Your energy reality

In Week 1 of the Create a Life you Love course we start off by talking about our energy reality. Our energy reality is given less value in mainstream society than our physical reality. This might be because it is unseen, it's hard to scientifically measure, and the degree to which it influences our lives takes time, experience and lots of levels of self-inquiry to realise. Evidence of the powerful force and influence of our energy reality can be seen if we know what we're looking for - and even science is getting on board with their studies into Epigenetics (memories and issues inherited by our cells from our ancestors.) On the surface our lives are created by a series of thoughts, desires a

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