Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: Self Value & Worth

Heads up - Mercury Retrograde officially starts today. This can send phones, computers, electronics etc haywire so if you've been getting the nudge to back up files and photo's, you might want to get onto that now. If you buy anything like a computer or car over the next few weeks, double check and triple check everything. Same goes for signing contracts of any kind. Some people steer clear from signing contracts over a Mercury Retro, while others love it because it means that it will be easy to re-negotiate later down the track. Opportunities and people from the past often swing our way in a Mercury Retro. Maybe a job offer didn't work out at some point, but out of the blue you'll get a cal

Juicy Manifesting

Over the past week I've been feeling guided to drink more fresh juices and casually thought "I have to get a juicer soon." Then the other day Jax was watching a kids show where they were making fresh juice. He started listing all the fruits and veggies he wanted to make juice with and asked if we had a juicer. Later that same day a friend popped by and out of the blue, not knowing anything about our current juice theme, said "Would you happen to need a juicer? I have a spare one I've never used" Yes thank you! Next thing you know, boom, fresh juice thank you very much. This is how the Universe works when you just let it happen. The thing is, in my experience, the less you have any sort

Censoring awakening: trying to stop the unstoppable

"Access to this page is denied for being included in the category "Alternative Spirituality / Belief"." So that's the message someone got when they tried to enter my website from a public access internet. It saddens and angers me that this is happening. The control is out of control! "Let's ban websites and books and films that tell the truth! That will show 'em!" Well, controllers, all this banning business is definitely showing people something. It is showing how absolutely terrified you are of people awakening. By saying 'Don't look here, don't watch this' you may as well be holding a flashing golden neon light over these things saying "Truth, freedom and your authentic power can be found

Revolution and crappy corruption

My heart is with all the revolutionaries in the US trying to get Bernie over the line. They have some massive hurdles though being: 1) The powers that be will never let anyone into the White House that they don't want there. It is easy to manipulate the voting system and they do it blatantly 2) Even if someone decent does make it into the White House, they are immediately informed of their place in the pecking order, and it is nowhere near number 1 on the power ladder. So where does this leave US citizens who want change, and indeed where does it leave humanity, all of whom are influenced by this crappy corruption that goes on in every country, that has infiltrated everything from politics t

Five planets retrograde - time to clean house and power up

For the first time in a decade, we have 5 planets retrograde at the same time. You might be reading a lot about how this time is all about pausing and not being able to get much done, but actually from a Soul perspective this is going to be a hugely productive time. Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it offers an opportunity to review, re-visit, remember, re-wire, re-do, re-claim, release. Imagine a building that had an original blueprint of glorious architecture, stunning interior design, unique features. But over time, we see the effects of wear and tear, of outside influence, of other people’s contributions. Bricks have been built over the original sandstone. Rooms have become cluttered.

When you know you came here to be more

(Image from @ausmumpreneur ) Growth and change always require stepping out of our comfort zones, letting go of what is safe and familiar, and usually moving into the unknown. I remember getting my first job after graduating and leaving a few months into it with the dramatic words "I'm rotting here!" I moved on into the seemingly glamorous world of hotels but found myself crying "I don't belong here!" I started to get closer to my true path with work at a health & wellbeing magazine but even after a wonderful time there I knew I was meant to be doing more with my life. I had no idea how it would happen but I just kept moving toward what felt more true for me, and that always meant lett

You are stronger than you know

You are stronger than you know. You are more powerful than you can imagine. It takes a long time to learn this. It takes time, hurdles, tragedies, unexpected events, failures, successes, healing milestones, victories and going through what you once imagined impossible. Be proud of the wisdom, strength and power you have stepped into so far, and know there is so much more to move into. Sometimes it's hard, but it doesn't always have to be as hard the more we open our heart and our eyes. (c) Dana Mrkich 2016 #LifeSoul #Strength

It's all going pear-shaped - right on schedule

Right now there feels to be a major heightening of anything within people, particularly those in the mainstream, that has not been owned, that has been suppressed or not dealt with in a healthy way. For those of you reading this, you have likely been working on your ‘stuff’ for years, decades even. You’ve cleansed, cleared, shifted, healed and released till the cows come home. You may even be at the stage now where you are realising you want to focus less on constantly having to ‘shift’ and more on just getting on with living as a conscious, awake human soul. So here we are, in that state after years of inner work, looking around and thinking cool, let’s get this new reality happening! And i

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