Mercury Direct: A second beginning to the new year

How crazy has this Mercury Retrograde been?! Delayed flights, cancelled flights, lost keys, key mix-ups, computer crashes at the shop/bank/motor registry, computers acting erratic, delayed payments, schedules or other important things having to be delayed, miscommunications and plans going awry. This and more is just the stuff that has been experienced by us, friends, family or people I've talked to, and I know you all have plenty of your own stories to share! Mercury is slowing down now, preparing to go direct on 25 Jan. It'll take a few days to start chugging along again, picking up steam over the next few weeks until he clears the shadow period on Feb 16. Anything that's been delayed will

Flashback Friday: Activating your 'Missing' Vibration

Flashback Friday is a new feature re-visiting a post or former Monthly Visions that is tapping me on the shoulder as relevant to right now. This one has been coming up strongly, I think because at the start of a new year we are so focused on new goals and long-held dreams and naturally wonder why the goals and dreams we've had on continuous New Year lists haven't happened yet! Originally posted in June 2011, Activating your Missing Vibration has so many gold nuggets appropriate for now! There is so much strong, powerful energy circulating around us that I hardly know where to start! The strongest theme that feels to be underscoring everything is that of breaking through those ceilings that h

A New Year Thank You Message

A New Year message to say thank you for being here, and thank you for being you. There is a palpable energy in the air for 2016, it will be one of huge heart openings, growth and expansion as we prepare for a new 9 year cycle 2017-2025 - and so it may also be for some a year of letting go, closures, ending of chapters, and some discomfort where we find we have outgrown what no longer fits us. Ultimately though, it will be a liberating year as we start a new phase of flying free and forward. I am so happy to continue doing the energy reports, messages, video's and courses, and look forward to creating even more this year to help keep you feeling inspired, strong, clear, supported and connecte

Capricorn New Moon

This is our New Moon candle. Every New Moon we light this before dinner, and give thanks for all to come in the month ahead. It's a great way to connect as a family on our wishes and intentions. This is on top of our daily prayer before dinner giving thanks for all we have. It creates a really nice energy, and again is a few minutes in the day where we stop and appreciate life. It really puts things in perspective especially during times where maybe it's been a week full of bills or an emotional day. Today's New Moon is in Capricorn, the steady mountain-climber of the zodiac. You may have a list of goals and dreams for the year, if not now is a great time to write it. From there, Capricorn i

2016 Energy: Consciousness in action

Source: NASA/CXC/SAO Video Version here We ended 2015 with lots of people experiencing some major sliding doors moments, our family included. Potential or actual accidents that could have ended up much worse but for a few centimetres or seconds. In the aftermath of those events, I was so aware that here we were in this reality where everything worked out okay, but there was a very different parallel reality that had been averted where life was drastically changed. This got me thinking. How many times has this happened for us as a collective here on Planet Earth? More specifically, how many times has it happened in recent years with particular regard to the ‘Shift’? We look around and think t

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